about global removalists


Welcome to the best Removals Company in Sydney, if you are looking for a cheap
and professional move, House or Office Removal and Packing Service no need to
look further, Our company provides removal services at short or long notice,
call at anytime within the business hours provided and have a guaranteed answer,
any calls after business hour then we may be unavailable but don’t worry because
your call will be returned within the next day.

Global Removalist is the only 24/7 Removals Company based in the heart of Sydney
offering various different services in Australia Wide including 1 man and a
truck up to a team of men and trucks, house and office removals and packing
services at competitive rates.


All our removal services are rated by hour being the minimum booking time of 3
hours. The time will start once we start to load the truck. This charging method
is good either for the customers or for the company that will have more options
for people with need to move on short notice.


Global removalist also have free shrink wrap to cover all mattresses and couches and
other items to keep them clean and protected during the move. Your items can all
be insured on the day of your move by our team they will insure each item
individually at a cost or offer to insure all items at a cost which will work
out cheaper Minimum charge for all house or units to be insured is $250 up to


We have an unlimited supply of free boxes for use but we do have a return policy, the boxes
are unlimited and free, you pay for them upfront once you are done with your
move you have 21 days to return the boxes any damaged boxes will not be taken
back because cannot be re-used.


Our removalist team are the highest quality of expertise, we specialise in any move
from smallest to largest, if you got in it, we can get it out. We offer well
qualified professionals that have been trained and have up to multiple years of
experience, our team is polite, punctual and respectful with many skills and
experience in conducting moves all around Sydney and any other state within
Australia. Our top quality team show up on time and put your furniture back in
the right place. Our team of removalists understand that respecting your
furniture is respecting you. Our diverse range of vehicles also suits your move
perfectly and we bring the right amount of men and space needed to create a
seamless transition from one place to another.