storage and packaging

global removalists boxes

  Welcome to Global Removalists Company  Lets start off with our storage area where we

  focus on wide areas of space and a moveable

  and ongoing storage unit for our customers

  who can feel free to access their storage

units anytime they want during the available

  business hours.The storage centers will 

  have an insurance policy on them whiche

  will protect all your items and goods that

  are stored by our removalists will be placed

  safley and treated with care, our staff have

  been trained to pack items efficiently and

  can usually estimate a storage size for the 

  items you need to be packed and stored away.


  See the storage centers arent only available for our

  clients who are looking for a removal,we

  can also put away your items if youre looking to go

  for a holiday or maybe just vacant from the house,

  office or others. we work that way and its‘s very

  simple so just book in your free quote now.


  So feel free to ask about our Storage & Packaging 

  option in your removal and will get you sorted easily, 

  we have an unlimited supply of free boxes 

  for use but we do have a return policy with the items

  as we charge for every damaged box. for further

  details on insurance policies please visit the

  ‘About Us’ tab,


  Our packaging works easily, too simplify it down we 

  package our customers good so that they don‘t

  get damaged, we also have an insurance policy that 

  you can go to very easily by just clicking

  on the ‘About Us’ tab, it has all our information

  about the business and what we provide to our 



Large BOX $5.50


Medium box $5.00


small box $4.00



Bubble wrap $3xm


Tape $3.90